Insurance Service

Your premier insurance agency offering tailored plans for Vehicle, Personal and Building Insurance to suit your needs.

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Solar Power

1MW rooftop and 5MW ground installation solar powerplants under the Feed-In-Tariff scheme, supplying electrical power back to the national grid.

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Event Management

Let us take care of your events for you. Just sit back and watch the magic happen! UNHSB employs in-house and external talents to make your events unforgettable.

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Consultancy Management & Services

Services that focus on financial management which involves the process of opening and preparing quotations, payment claims, cash flow records and so forth

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Facility Management

Let us help you manage, maintain and repairs while making sure the facilities are sufficient and available for all. We are flexible to receive any complaints or problem pertaining the client's affair.

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Twin Peaks Mineral Water

The most natural water on the planet from a deep, artesian aquifer in Perlis’ mountain wilderness, with no chemical purification, no distillation, no ionization and no reverse osmosis needed.

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