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UniSEA Organic Marine Liquid Fertilizer is a product produced through a joint venture between UniMAP Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (UNHSB) and Bio Green Supreme Sdn. Bhd. (BGSSB), which UniMAP GreenTech Sdn. Bhd. (UGTSB) itself as the sole distributor. Baja UniSEA is the only result of a complete study by a group of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) researchers.

The UniSEA fertilizer production process is done through the hydrolyzate method, where it is a process of hydrolysis of organic marine-based resources. The content of this fertilizer consists of fresh seafood such as (fish, abalone, squid, shrimp and crab), which are then ground as a whole. Then is it digested enzymatically, which is good bacteria is used to supply organic nitrogen and phosphorus from marine seafood protein and converted into amino acids that are easily absorbed by plants. UniSEA fertilizers are used to ensure that the trees grow well and ensure that the microbes in the soil are active again, to make the soil more fertile.

The BENEFITS of UniSEA Fertilizer are as follows:

      A high concentrated environmental friendly organic liquid fertilizer

      Going through cold processed hydrolysate

      Provides organic nitrogen and phosphorus from marine seafood proteins enzymatically digested into amino acids, which are readily absorb by plants.

      All nature high quality fertilizer that gives excellent plant growth, rebuilds soil, and offers higher production.

      Increases plant yield and fruits quality. Easy application by spraying or irrigation.

      Increases soil organic matter, increases soil microbial activity, improves the soil’s water-holding capacity, and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.

       Gold Medal Award at Ekspo Rekacipta (EREKA 2023)

       Best Award 2nd Place at Ekspo Rekacipta (EREKA 2023)


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TWIN PEAKS is the most natural water on the planet! There is no chemical purification, no distillation, no ionization, and no reverse osmosis needed. In water, purity is the key of crisp, perfect, refreshing flavour. Purity not from filtration, but from the source. For TWIN PEAKS, that source is a deep, artesian aquifer in Perlis’ Mountain wilderness. For consumers who have tasted it, TWIN PEAKS purity is astonishing.


       Better Quality

    A unique geological phenomenon assures that TWIN PEAKS mineral water is completely free of pollutions. There is no chemical purification, no distillation, no ionization, and no reverse osmosis needed. Microbiological testing and independent laboratory analysis have shown that TWIN PEAK mineral water is purest mineral water that can be offered.

       Better Taste

    Consumers judge the quality of the water mainly by its taste and aesthetic properties. If the water tastes and smells bad they believe it is not safe to drink. Since TWIN PEAKS mineral water does not have any impurities to affect its taste, it tastes extra-ordinarily good and does not have a bad odour.


Notes: We are sorry to inform that we are NOT collecting orders for Harumanis for the year of 2023. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Harumanis is known globally as one of the most highly sought after breed of mangoes due to its unrivalled sweet taste and fragrant aroma. Currently, this particular breed is produced commercially in Perlis, Malaysia with many farms being monitored by the state's agricultural department to ensure top quality.

Harumanis is always in short supply due to the enormous demands it receives every year. The fact that it's only available from APRIL to JUNE annually makes it that much more exclusive.


      We only sell authentic Harumanis. Please be careful when you purchase the fruit as there are unscrupulous marketers out there selling lower-grade mangoes as Harumanis.

      We obtain our Harumanis only from farms monitored by the State Agricultural Department. The farmers owning these farms are given trainings to ensure the plants and harvest are maintained correctly.

      We ensure that our Harumanis remain at the best quality during harvesting, packaging and shipping. Our packages are safely padded to keep the quality of the fruit remaining at its best during transport.

      We are capable of catering for a large order, for delivery to any location within Peninsular Malaysia.