Event Management

Let us take care of your events for you. Just sit back and watch the magic happen! UNHSB employs in-house and external talents to make your events unforgettable.


Let us help you plan, prepare and execute the most unforgettable events your guests have ever experienced. We have run multiple programs ranging from power breakfasts to full-blown fortnight-long camps involving students, lecturers and professionals from all over the world with unique and colorful contents that are sure to awe and inspire.

Event Management Services

We have conducted various program successfully, including (but not limited to) the ones listed below:
  1. Power breakfasts among corporate executives and international academia
  2. Summer camps with emphasis in academic and cultural activities
  3. Health and lifestyle campaigns for youths and students
  4. Inauguration ceremonies for corporate and government organizations
  5. Gimmicks for corporate and government programs based on the running themes


  1. Mohd Shukhairi bin Shuhaimi | shukhairi@unimapholdings.com.my
  2. Dayang Erney binti Habi | dayangerney@unimapholdings.com.my