Harumanis On Demand

Harumanis is always in short supply due to the enormous demands it receives every year. The fact that it's only available from April to June annually makes it that much more exclusive.

Harumanis is known globally as one of the most highly sought after breed of mangoes due to its unrivalled sweet taste and fragrant aroma. Currently, this particular breed is produced commercially in Perlis, Malaysia with many farms being monitored by the state's agricultural department to ensure top quality.

In order to let more people in the country enjoy this sumptous trea UNHSB has launched an online Harumanis ordering portal at harumanisondemand.unimapholdings.com.my. Aside from ordering Harumanis, visitors can also learn about the latest facts attributed to the fruit and its derivatives on the website.

  1. We only sell authentic Harumanis. Please be careful when you purchase the fruit as there are unscrupulous marketers out there selling lower-grade mangoes as Harumanis.
  2. We obtain our Harumanis only from farms monitored by the State Agricultural Department. The farmers owning these farms are given trainings to ensure the plants and harvest are maintained correctly.
  3. We ensure that our Harumanis remain at the best quality during harvesting, packaging and shipping. Our packages are safely padded to keep the quality of the fruit remaining at its best during transport.
  4. We are capable of catering for a large order, for delivery to any location within Peninsular Malaysia.


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  2. Hanif Bin Husin | hanifhusin@unimapholdings.com.my
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